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I'd like to export my Evernote account into an .xls or .csv file that contains Title, Date Created/Updated, text of the note, and tags (separated by commas or in individual columns).

I'm not a programmer. I'm trying to join data contained in Excel to the tags I've created in the Evernote database-I could manually go through and add the tags but I have thousands of notes and I'm sure there's a way to export this in bulk. Anyone have ideas?

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Stack Overflow is primarily for questions specifically about programming, so you'll probably find a better answer somewhere else. – Akshay Jul 18 '14 at 17:29

Evernote notes can contain attachments (PDFs, images, word documents, etc.) as well as contain a massive amount of text the contents of which would not fit in a standard excel cell and could cause issues with csv parsers. As such Evernote notes cannot easily be exported as a xls or csv file. Evernote recommends you export notes in their format (.enex) or as a HTML file. The Evernote clients for Mac and Windows can export all notes (or any subset of your notes as you chose) as enex or html files.

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