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I have a nested form in HTML 5, using the form property to link input cells in a table to a seperate form element that is not an ancestor (so that I can take advantage of html5 validation prompts etc.) The application uses html5 and also AngularJS 1.2.

<form name='OuterForm'>
<table><th> <tr> /* Column headers ... */ </tr><tr>
    <td><input id='ip1' form='InnerForm' ng-model="model.ip1" /></td>
    <td><input id='ip2' form='InnerForm'  ng-model="model.ip2" /></td>
/* ... other elements of outer form ... */

<form name='InnerForm' ng-submit="submitInnerForm()"> </form>

Unfortunately, since the elements are not nested within the form they are associated with, $scope.formName.$setPristine() isn't working when I try to call it within submitInnerForm().

What is the best way to reset the inner form fields in this case?

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Have you considered using ng-form: <form name="parentForm"> <div ng-form="innerForm"></div> </form> ... This let you work around the fact that you cannot nest <form> tags. And, if I recall correctly, when you do $setPristine() on the parent form, it will apply it to the child forms. –  Sunil D. Jul 18 '14 at 17:10

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