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Background: I have several months experience using Gremlin and Faunus, incl. the ScriptMap step.

Problem: User defined Gremlin steps work fine when loaded in the shell as part of a script. However, the same steps apparently have no effect when defined in a Faunus ScriptMap script.

 /***********Faunus Driver*************/

//usage gremlin -e <hhis file> NOTE: to run in gremlin remove .submit() at end of pipe
import Java.io.Console;
//get args
console = System.console()
mapperpath=console. readLine ('> <map script path>: ')
refns=console.readLine('> <reference namespace>: ')
refinterestkey-console.readLine('> <interest field>: ')
//currently not in use
refinterestval=console.readLine('> <interest value>: ')         
mainpropkey=console.readLine('> ^main field>: ')
delim=console.readLine('> <main delimiter>: ')
args [0]=refns
args [1]=refinterestkey
args [3]=mainpropkey
args [4]=delim
args=(String[]) args.toArray()
f.V().filter('{it.get Property("_namespace") =="streamernamespace" && it.getProperty("_entity")==" selector"}').script(mapperpath, args).submit()

/***********Script Mapper*************/

Gremlin.defineStep ("findMatch", [Vertex, Pipe], 
    {streamer,  interestindicator, fieldofinterest, fun ->
    _().has (interestindicator , true).has(fieldofinterest, 
Gremlin.defineStep("connectMatch", [Vertex, Pipe], {streamer ->
// copy and link streaming vertices to matching vertices in main graph 
_().transform({if(main!= null) {
        mylog.info("reference vertex " + main.id    
                               +" & streaming vertex"+streamer.id+" match on main " +main.getProperty(fieldofinterest));
        ElementHelper.copyProperties(streamer, clone);
        clone.setProperty("_namespace", main.getProperty("__namespace"));
        mylog.info("create clone "+clone.id+" in "+clone.getProperty("_namespace"));
        g.addEdge(main, clone, streamer.getProperty("source");
        mylog.info("created edge "+ e);

def g
def refns
def refinterestkey
def refinterestval
def mainpropkey
def delim
def normValue

def setup(args) {
    normValue = {obj-> seltype=obj.getProperty("type");
            if(desc.contains(delim}) (
                selnum=desc.split(delim) [1].trim ()
            } else selnum=desc.trim();
            mylog.info ("streamer selector (" + seltype", "+desc+") normalized as "+selnorm);
            return selnorm
    mylog.info ("configuring connection to reference graph
    conf=new BaseConfiguration()
    conf.setProperty("storage.backend", "cassandra"}
    conf.setProperty!"storage.keyspace", "titan"}
    conf.setProperty("storage.index.index-name", "titan")
    conf.setProperty("storage.hostname", "localhost")
    isstepsloaded = Gremlin.getStepnames().contains("findMatch"} && 
    mylog.info("custom steps available?: "+isstepsloaded)
def map{v, args) { 
    mylog.info{"current streamer id: "+incoming.id)
    if(incoming.getProperty("_entity")=="selector") {
                    mylog.info("process incoming vertex "+incoming.id)          
                    g.V{"_namespace", refns).findMatch(incoming,refinterestkey, mainpropkey,normValue).connectMatch(incoming).iterate ()
    }catch(Exception e) {
            mylog.info("map method exception raised");
def cleanup(args) { g.shutdown()}
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what do you mean by the steps not having any effect? is there an error? –  stephen mallette Jul 18 '14 at 21:19
no error until I inserted a guard in the map(): x.getProperty(prop) before the pipe. That resulted in an exception for invoking getProperty() on a null object. Verified the the faunus pipe as implemented in the map driver script is outputting vertices, but for reasons yet unknown the map() method in the ScriptMap script is not receiving the faunus pipe output –  fsj Jul 24 '14 at 19:48
map now receiving vertices - problem seemed to be corrupted gremlin shell (clearing & CTRL+Z apparently didn't work - apparently had to kill putty window). See below for ongoing problems. –  fsj Jul 28 '14 at 4:22
Per below, seems that only way to persist new elements generated via a faunus script map is to output them as blueprint elements. Is that correct? If so, is it feasible and practical to somehow convert the Titan elements I'm currently outputting, or do I need to overhaul the code to remove dependence on TitanGraph? –  fsj Aug 5 '14 at 15:00

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I just tested Faunus with user defined steps over The Graph of the Gods and it seems to work just fine. Here's what I did:


Gremlin.defineStep('father', [Vertex, Pipe], {_().out('father')})

def g

def setup(args) {
    conf = new org.apache.commons.configuration.BaseConfiguration()
    conf.setProperty('storage.backend', 'cassandrathrift')
    conf.setProperty('storage.hostname', '')
    g = com.thinkaurelius.titan.core.TitanFactory.open(conf)

def map(v, args) {
    u = g.v(v.id)
    pipe = u.father().name
    if (pipe.hasNext()) u.fathersName = pipe.next()
    u.name + "'s father's name is " + u.fathersName

def cleanup(args) {

In Faunus' Gremlin REPL:

gremlin> g.V.has('type','demigod','god').script('father.groovy')
==>jupiter's father's name is saturn
==>hercules's father's name is jupiter
==>neptune's father's name is null
==>pluto's father's name is null

If this doesn't help to solve your problem, please provide more details, so we can reproduce the errors you see.

Cheers, Daniel

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By "Faunus' Gremlin REPL" I take it you mean "g" in the REPL is a FaunusGraph (I understand there is only one Gremlin REPL for processing both FaunusGraph and TitanGraph graphs). FYI, an earlier version of my script defined the steps with other defs prior to setup(), as you've done. The only difference was the defs preceded the step definitions - any chance that matters? Also, I'm not getting any error messages, just no effect as opposed to results using the same steps in a TitanGraph pipe outside a FaunusGraph script step. –  fsj Jul 22 '14 at 0:21
By Faunus Gremlin REPL I mean the Gremlin console that's started via gremlin.sh. I don't think that other definitions can lead to non-functional user-defined steps. But as I've said, if it's still not working for you, please provide the full code that's not working, so we can reproduce it easily. –  Daniel Kuppitz Jul 22 '14 at 9:31
i'll have to fat-finger the code, as I'm developing on an intranet. Meantime, please clarify whether you're accessing 'father.groovy' in the same dir from which you're running gremlin.sh. I thought scripts referenced in the script step had to be in hdfs (?) –  fsj Jul 22 '14 at 13:44
Yes, I've uploaded it to HDFS, but didn't document this extra step, since you mentioned that you have several months experience with Faunus. –  Daniel Kuppitz Jul 22 '14 at 18:26
Haven't gotten around to reproducing code yet, but made an interesting discovery: The faunus pipe containing the script step that references my script mapper was not sending any vertices to the mapper, apparently because the pipe had consecutive .has() steps. I confirmed that for TitanGraph g and FaunusGraph f, g.V().has(<condA>).has(<condB>).count() > 0 whereas f.V().has(<condA>).has(<condB>).count() = 0. Anyone know whether this is a bug or a design limitation? –  fsj Jul 23 '14 at 21:45

The root problem was I set an obsolete value for the "storage.index.index-name" property (see titan graph config under setup(). Disregard discussion re getOrCreate methods/blueprints: apparently a broad range of mutations on existing graphs can be achieved at scale using custom Gremlin steps defined inside a script referenced in the Faunus script step, with faunus format NoOpOutputFormat. Lesson learned: Instead of configuring titan graphs in-line in the script, distribute a (centrally maintained) graph properties file for reference in configuring the titan graph CDH5 has simplified distributed cache management

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