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I want to get the image size using javascript or jquery. something similar to imagesize().

Thanks Jean

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Has already been asked and answered -

var img = document.getElementById('imageid'); 
var width = img.clientWidth;
var height = img.clientHeight;
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That depends. If the image already has width/height styles/attributes applied to it, you will not get the image's width/height, but you will get the resized dimensions. Here's a possible solution:

function getImageSize(img) {
    var clone = img.clone();
         .css("position", "absolute")
         .css("left", -9999)
         .css("top", -9999);
    var width = clone.width();
    var height = clone.height();
    return [width, height];

Untested, but it should work. However, if you're sure the image is not resized from css/html, there's no need for this complication and you can use what the others have said.

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var width = $("#img").width();

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you can use .attr('width') and .attr('height') unless you mean size in bytes?

this wouldnt work if the img is being rescaled with css

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