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I'm developing winform application using I use crystal report in my application. Now i need to store the index of each record that is displaying in current report into database. Then i create another report which displays the index of all the records. My plan is to read the page number of each record and save them on database. I have a group field in the report. I don't know how to scan one by one record and get appropriate page number. I tried the following code to get the field value but did not work.


It displayed the formula of that field.

I don't know in which order the records fetched using following.


Please Help me out....

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Index? what exactly you mean by it in Crystal reports? –  Siva Jul 19 '14 at 7:49

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The way your question reads, it sounds like you're trying to generate an "index" for the order records appear in a report and store that index in a database for use in another report. I am not clear at all what you're trying to do with the page number.

In any case, I need to make something clear: the definition of the report (which you're accessing in your code sample) only represents where data will go when the report is formatted - it is not the actual data itself.

At the most basic level, Crystal Reports takes data out of a database and formats it nicely for you on pages. Rather than trying to take data out of a database, put it into a report, then try to read that report to put it back in a database to make another report, why not just do all your data manipulation at the database level itself before going to a report in the first place?

If you really must have that first report, the easiest option you'll have for getting at the formatted data is to export it to excel and access it programmatically through an Excel API - Crystal Reports doesn't have an API for getting at your formatted data (including things like generated page numbers, whatever you're trying to do with them).

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It cannot be done at database level itself. The index can be known after generating the first report itself. If i have 100 records and then it takes many pages in report. When i take the print of entire page and do a record book then i may need an index page which says which record exist on which page. Here i have a group field under that many record will come. SO for each group i can identify in which page number it comes and quickly i can access. So i'm trying to get the page number of each group record from the report and save in database. –  Vignesh Jul 20 '14 at 3:25

You are trying to break few basic rules. For example a report should never change the data. The right way is to handle data processing in a stored procedure or command and to call the report in a separate process. In such way you will be able to control the data change and data visualization separately.

P.S. You probably mean "Identifier" not "Index"

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