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I am used to Google Cloud SQL, where you can connect to a database outside of GAE. Is something like this possible for the GAE datastore, using the Python NDB interface ideally ?

Basically, my use-case is I want to run acceptance tests that pre-populate and clean a datastore.

It looks like the current options are a JSON API or protocol buffers -- in beta. If so, it's kind of a pain then I can't use my NDB models to populate the data, but have to reimplement them for the tests, and worry that they haven't been saved to the datastore in the exact same way as if through the application.

Just checking I'm not missing something....

PS. yes I know about remote_api_shell, I don't want a shell though. I guess piping commands into it is one way, but ugghh ...

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Short answer: they're working on it. Details in google-cloud-datastore#2 and gcloud-python#40.

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thanks! I'll keep an eye out. –  Eric G Jul 18 '14 at 21:06

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