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This should be super easy. I'm using Scala IDE 3.0.4 of Eclipse.

I have
  MyProject/src/(default package)/foo.scala

How do I get MyProject to use my Common library code?

In MyProject foo.scala I import Common.Common (my package object) In MyProject properties, I've added a Project Reference. I've also tried 12 ways of adding it to the java build path.

What did I miss?

Thanks much

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You don't indicate what the 12 ways you've tried are, but I think the following should work, assuming Common is another project in your workspace:

  • Make sure the Common project and MyProject project are both open.
  • Right click on MyProject->Build Path->Configure Build Path. That should open a dialog.
  • Choose the Projects tab
  • Click on the Add button - it should bring up another dialog where you can check the Common project. Thereafter it should appear in the list under the Projects tab.

Later, whenever you open the MyProject project the Common project will automatically be opened as well.

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Thanks, I also had my import statement wrong. It should have been import Common.Common._ so that I could use my higher order functions. I would up vote if I could :-) –  NullPlague Jul 19 at 22:01

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