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I am using current version of neo4j, I am trying delete or update Node by graph id , when I try to delete passing as parameter for example name, it works normal, but I need delete with id one node with it is relation, and also update node.

String remove = "MATCH (n:Player {ID(n): {id} })-[r]-() DELETE n, r";
            ExecutionResult result = engine.execute(remove,


 String query = "MERGE (n:Person {ID(n): {id}}) ON CREATE SET n.name={name}, n.surname={surname}, n.position={position} ON MATCH SET";

            ExecutionResult result = engine.execute(query,

Always I am getting errors like

Invalid input '(': expected an identifier character, whitespace, ':' or '}' (line 1, column 20) "MERGE (n:Person {ID(n): {id}}) ON CREATE SET n.name={name}, n.surname={surname}, n.position={position} ON MATCH SET"


Invalid input '(': expected an identifier character, whitespace, ':' or '}' (line 1, column 20) "MATCH (n:Player {ID(n): {id} })-[r]-() DELETE n, r"

Usually I am used Spring data neo4j and did not find this type of errors.

Anyone have answers?


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ID is a function that returns the internal id of a node or relationship, but in your query you use it as if it were a property on a node. The way to match a node by its internal id is

WHERE ID (n) = {id}

In your delete case you could do

MATCH (n:Player)-[r]-()
WHERE ID (n) = {id}

You can't assign the internal id to a node, Neo4j handles that internally, so it doesn't really make sense to use the ID function with MERGE. You can choose a different uniquely identifying property that you control and for which you create a unique constraint, then use that in most (probably all) places where you now use the internal id.

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Thanks, your answer is useful, I am trying just delete and update by id using cypher. –  Armen Arzumanyan Jul 18 '14 at 19:03
this query update node by id MATCH (n:Player) WHERE ID (n) = {id} SET n.name={name}, n.surname={surname}, n.position={position} RETURN n Seems I need node id use with where, instead using it as another properties –  Armen Arzumanyan Jul 18 '14 at 19:17
You can't use ID(n) in the MATCH clause: ID is a function, and the MATCH clause supports only key/value property pairs. Note that the use of key/value pairs in the pattern are only a short-form of using WHERE anyway. –  Chris Leishman Jul 18 '14 at 20:08
Functions are resolved to values so there is nothing wrong with using ID or other functions in the match clause if they are in a value position (MATCH (n{uid:ID(n)}) and MATCH (n{name:LOWER("PETER")} are both valid.) The reason that it's not possible match a node by internal id with only a match clause is that there is no property name for the internal id to use in the node pattern. –  jjaderberg Jul 22 '14 at 18:42


If you already know the Neo4j id value (the node number), then you can write your first query as

START n = node({id}) WITH n MATCH (n)-[r]-() DELETE n, r

However, the more I look at your code, the more I am wondering about your use of id. Do your nodes have a user-defined parameter named id? If so, then this all needs to be approached differently.

Grace and peace,


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Hi Jim, thanks for answer, no I am not defined id, I am trying to use node id as unique field like mysql autoincrement id. May be I will have another unique fields, but I am not want generate another unique id-s . –  Armen Arzumanyan Jul 19 '14 at 19:36

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