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using this for the accept field in my file input:



  • Internet Explorer: Only shows .zip. Yay.
  • FireFox: shows all files, but I can change dropdown to only show .zip. Can I change .zip to be the default view somehow?
  • Chrome: shows .zip and .exe. How do I exclude .exe?

I know chrome is technically right, but I'm trying to be user friendly here.

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application/octet-stream is the "catch-all" bucket. It's the default mime-type if the filename has no extension to help determine it. It's also the source of your EXE representation in Chrome, I'm guessing.

Limit file format when using <input type="file">?

You can also try reducing it with the "accept" attribute on the INPUT/File. That link above also has a link to a JSFiddle page you can play and test with.

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