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Follow up to this question about GNU make:

I've got a directory, flac, containing .FLAC files. I've got a corresponding directory, mp3 containing MP3 files. If a FLAC file is newer than the corresponding MP3 file (or the corresponding MP3 file doesn't exist), then I want to run a bunch of commands to convert the FLAC file to an MP3 file, and copy the tags across.

The kicker: I need to search the flac directory recursively, and create corresponding subdirectories in the mp3 directory. The directories and files can have spaces in the names, and are named in UTF-8.

It turns out that this won't work in make, because of the spaces in the directories and filenames, so I'm wondering how to do it in rake instead...

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The best I've come up with so far looks like this:

FLAC_FILES = FileList['flac/**/*.flac']

FLAC_FILES.each do |flac|
  mp3 = flac.pathmap("%{^flac,mp3}X.mp3")
  file mp3 => flac do
    puts "Converting #{flac} to #{mp3}"
  task :default => mp3

Critique, anyone?

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Does this mean you have not found a way to do recursive wild cards in regular make? stackoverflow.com/questions/2483182/… –  Juan Mendes Apr 20 '11 at 18:34

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