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I need to create a simple editor using a RichTextBox control in a windows forms application that includes the ability to create tables.

Is it possible to create a table in a RichTextBox control?

If so, any pointers on the best way to do this would be appreciated.

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This link explains how to insert table in rich text box.Insert Table In Rich TextBox control –  user1833343 Dec 16 '12 at 17:24

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The winforms RichTextbox control utilizes RTF as it's rich-format language. As such tables are an inherent part of the control, you just must know enough RTF to code up the table.

Here's the 1.9.1 specification. Enjoy.

Wikipedia has all the specifications listed on it

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Cheers! Thank you. –  JohnC Oct 30 '08 at 17:45

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