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I am working on a project that involves these three programs. I want to get data variables from a running Evolution Simulation called Biogenesis into the visual programming language of Max MSP where they will determine the parameters of an algorithmic generative musical composition.

To do this I am using an object of Max MSP called mxj. With it you can implement Java externals. In this case, the Java external is a Main class I created that draws variables from the Biogenesis Main class from which it extends. The objects within Biogenesis have specific data that I need so I'm making objects of these classes on the class that I built.

For some reason I can't access this data. I had managed to print the Height value of a World object with a simple println method but now for some reason or another it is not working. Also, I cannot post stuff into Max through the mxj's (the max object) outlets.

I am in urgent need of help both regarding the way in which I access and work with data within the classes in the program, and sending data into Max MSP. (I don't know if such a thing can be done from a main method). Any assistance or reference will be greatly appreciated.

Here's the code:

import java.util.List; 
import com.cycling74.max.MaxObject;
import biogenesis.MainWindow;
import biogenesis.Organism;
import biogenesis.World;

public class Main extends MaxObject {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        MainWindow mw = new MainWindow();
        World theWorld = mw.getWorld();
        List<Organism>organismsInWorld = theWorld.getOrganisms();

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