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I'm using MongoLab add-on on Heroku.
My app use Mongoose and According to the docs the document id type is ObjectID (by default).

This is why my json looks something like that:

    "__v" : 0,
    "_id" : ObjectId("53c824d6f26327e00f9ae117"),
    "company" : "53c824d6f26327e00f9ae118",

The problem: MongoLab addon does not khow how to parse the keyword "ObjectID", displaying an error message.

Am i missing something here? What can be done?

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If you're referring to the JSON editor in the MongoLab web UI, it only accepts strict JSON formatting. For special types like ObjectId's and dates, you need to use their associated extended JSON format. For an ObjectId, that would look like:

  "__v": 0,
  "_id": {"$oid": "53c824d6f26327e00f9ae117"},
  "company": "53c824d6f26327e00f9ae118",

Hopefully that helps! You can always feel free to write us at support@mongolab.com for any questions or issues.

Kind regards, Sean@MongoLab

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