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I want a regex pattern to find all the words of this format [xyzblab23la].

For example if the text has something like the following,

Lorem Ipsum dolor[32a] ameit[34]

I should be able to find the [32a] and [34]. Please tell me what is the regex for this pattern?

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You can use the following regex globally to find all the matches:





  • \[ : [ is a meta char for the start of the char class, so to match a literal [ we need to escape it.
  • .*? : match everything in a non-greedy way.
  • \] : to match a literal ]
  • [^\]] : a char class that matches any char other than ]
  • [^\]]* : zero or more char of the above type.
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Why have you stressed on the word 'globally'. Does that mean anything in regex world (i'm new to regex patterns) –  bragboy Mar 20 '10 at 16:26
Since you want to find all such patterns, we need to match the regex globally. By default (at least in Perl and in PHP-using preg_match) the matching process stops once it finds one match. In Perl we use the g option to the regex and in PHP we use the preg_match_all function to do the matching globally. –  codaddict Mar 20 '10 at 16:29
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Try this regular expression:


A short explanation:

  • \[ matches a plain [
  • [^[\]]+ matches one or more arbitrary characters except [ and ]
  • ] matches a plain ]
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