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I'd like to preview WCHAR strings in the variable display of the Xcode 3.2 debugger.

Bascially if I have

 WCHAR wtext[128];
 wcscpy(wtext, L"Hello World");

I'd like to see "Hello World" for wtext when tracing into the function.

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You'll have to write a Custom Data Formatter for your wchar types, complete with your assumption of what the byte width is and what the character encoding is. THe C++ standard does not specify either of these, which is why wchar and wstring are not very portable and not well-supported on Mac OS X.

One example, with caveats about how you have to customize it for your particular mode of use, is here.

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not quite as easy as I was hoping but thanks nonetheless. –  Nicholaz Mar 21 '10 at 21:06
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