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python-tesseract - https://code.google.com/p/python-tesseract

pytesser - http://code.google.com/p/pytesser/

I'm trying to read images which contains some characters/numbers and clearly visible unlike Captcha.

Basically there is a phone number in this image(jpeg). So I have to extract that number from that image.

After little bit google, I came to know that tessrect-ocr can do that.

But there are so much chaos on the official google site and not so good documentation.

I'm confused what is Pytessrect-ocr and and what is Pytesser, what is PIL/Pillow and what do I need for my purpose.

I'm looking for clear steps to download and configure this for Python in Ubuntu 14.04. (I'm not looking for detail descriptions of working and uses of these libraries but a simple 2-3 line info about what are they and what purpose and how to use/install)

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the library was last updated in 2007, I would recommend finding an alternative –  Padraic Cunningham Jul 19 at 10:00
@PadraicCunningham : Do you know any alternative which can be used to solve my problem? –  user3810188 Jul 19 at 10:38
the first link would probably be your best bet, you will need PIL or Pillow installed first I imagine. pillow will be easier to install –  Padraic Cunningham Jul 19 at 11:26
I used the executable from google. Here is code that works under windows: github.com/niccokunzmann/mousemove/blob/master/mousemove/… –  User Jul 19 at 16:32
you could just use tesseract-ocr itself, instead of the python version. –  R. L. Jul 20 at 13:05

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