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I have two questions about creating a search engine for my online store.

  1. For my main products search I use lucene and it works great so far. The problem is that in the "Products Category Page". I have some product filters like ("brand","colour","price","cpu speed" etc). After user checks some filters I do a query in mysql to get the desired products. Let's say mysql returns 10 products according to search filters- I want to use Lucene to search for a specific query within these 10 products. How can I use lucene to search within these 10 products and not in all indexes?

  2. Is it a good practice to combine mysql query filtering with lucene query search? Is it possible to implement mysql products filtering by brand/colour/price etc using lucene? I don't know how to implement in lucene a one to many relation between (products->filters->filters_values) and query this like I Do in mysql.


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