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I am trying to send an email through the result sets generated in MySQL in PHP

This is the code.

$txtMsg = '<table><th>Name</th>';
$txtMsg = '';
  mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "pop") or die(mysql_error());
      mysql_select_db("jpd") or die(mysql_error());
      $oustanding = mysql_query("select Name from results") or die(mysql_error());  

      while($row1 = mysql_fetch_array( $oustanding )) {
            <td><h3><?php echo $row1['Name']; ?></h3></td>

$txtMsg .= "<tr><td>".$row1['Name']."</td></tr>";

ini_set ( "SMTP", "" ); 
$mail_to= '';
$mail_sub='OutStanding Results';

//Check for success/failure of delivery 
if(mail($mail_to,$mail_sub,$mail_mesg,"From: $mail_from"))
echo "<br><br>Email Successfully Sent!";
echo "<br><br>Error Sending Email!";


The problem is , I want the results to be displayed in table format. But instead of processing the html tags, they are getting printed as well.

How to get the email with table format?


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You need to specify your e-mail message as HTML. Try this:

$headerFields = array(
    "From: $mail_from",
    "MIME-Version: 1.0",
    "Content-Type: text/html;charset=iso-8859-1"
mail($mail_to, $mail_sub, $mail_mesg, implode("\r\n", $headerFields))
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By default emails are sent using the text/plain MIME type.

If you want formatted email you should use a multipart MIME email with a text/plain and a text/html part.

You can find an example at

You can also send an email that is text/html instead of multipart, but this tends to score highly with spam filters.

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