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I have an exception handler . In my asp.net application. It’s written in Global.asax. In the the Application_Error() method.

It works for Exceptions that happen in the context of pages and classes that are called as a result of a request to the application. But if I spawn a thread, as a result of a request (or other reason, like an application-based timer), and an Exception in that thread. It isn’t handled by the Global.asax. It causes Asp.net’s worker process to kill my application. Dead. If I plug into the AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException handler, I see the exception that occurs in my Thread, but alas, this is too late. And the application still dies. Dead. Any advice?

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exceptions in secondary threads are not reported by the unhandled-exception events

use SafeThread for your secondary threads

caveat: I am the author of the SafeThread article, and the app-monitoring product CALM

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