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Im looking for somthing that can belong to many many models and, hopfully, has all the resizing functionality built in too.

Wondering if there's any good suggestions out there, I don't want to pick the wrong one.

Or is it just worth building my own?

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I wrote a pretty sweet image upload component a few years ago for Cake 1. I don't have a clue where the code is these days, but my friend Koa did a write up on it a while back:



Might be something you can hack. It handles uploads, resizing (resize, crop, resize then crop, max, mix) and if I remember correctly, it might even do filters (flipping, inverse, greyscale).

I also ported the code to Zend framework (and PEAR file naming) for my new content management framework. It's all contained and much better now (does all the things I mentioned above and is pretty well documented). You can download that here (check out the ImageManipulator class. I think the FileUploader class has a dependency on my String utils class which you could easily remove if you want to use that.

Otherwise, I say roll your own. The component architecture in Cake was confusing to me at first so it could be a good learning XP if you don't know it yet. If you do, you can just grab someones uploader and convert it into a component for your Cake application.

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Check out the Media plugin by @nperson http://wiki.github.com/davidpersson/media/

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+1: Thumbs up.. –  harpax Mar 21 '10 at 12:56

How about for getting EXIF/Meta info of the image?

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