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I have a problem, I would like to build logging system which will be using timeuuid type as a column name which will allow me ask for it later.

Since for range queries order by time I need to use timeuuid type I would like to ask you how can I specify range queries for timeuuid column names if timeuuid is every time unique and I don't realy know the column name because of that I just know the time when it has been stored ?

please help

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I am confused by Cassandra Thrift API which requires me to provide columns name in slice query, but what if I don't know their names since they are uuid types ? –  Marcin Mar 20 '10 at 19:38
How do you even specify a timeuuid type in some Thrift binding? I'm interested in Java. –  dfrankow Apr 14 '10 at 1:15

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OK all works, it turned out that column names are not required but you can't use null you need to use empty string instead

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