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I have a string in my django1.4 template that I want to replace the line breaks with a whitespace. I only want to replace the line breaks with a single white space in the template string.

So far all my searces on django docs, Google and SO have not given me an answer.

Here is my string in my template:

{{ education_detail.education_details_institution_name|safe|truncatechars:20|striptags }}

When I have the following string saved:

Bachelor of Something
2008 - 2010

The string in the django template is rendered as:


I want to replace the line break with a space between the yB like so:

University B...

How would I do this?

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You can rely on built-in truncatechars filter's behavior to replace newlines with spaces. All you need is to pass a length of the string as an argument, so that you would not see your string shortened:

{% with value|length as length %}
    {{ value|truncatechars:length }}
{% endwith %}

This is a bit hacky, but uses only built-in filters.

You can always write a custom filter if you need this kind of functionality to be reusable.

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