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I am building a tool which should do a diagnosis based on some values... It should be user extensible so hardcoding the conditions isnt a solution...

Suppose that we have a blood test...

example ... WBC , ALDO ... And i want the user to be able to write somehow scripts

if (WBC.between(4,10) && ALDO.greater(5) || SOMETHINGELESE.isTrue()) ..... diagnosis="MPLAMPLA"...

The problem is 1)Write my parser 2)Or try to find something that executes user conditionals at runtime and customize it.. 3)another way

Please help,ideas needed!

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  1. Use scripting (you can use javascript, bsh, groovy, etc). See tutorial here
  2. Use workflow engine, e.g. jBPM
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Scripting engine is probably the way to go, and certainly the way I'd expose this sort of functionality. This link from my code blog might come in handy also: szyzygycode.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/… –  Szyzygy Mar 20 '10 at 20:13

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