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I installed the NodeJS in Ubuntu 14.04 by nvm by following this site Installing NodeJS Though I had the following problem as

nvm ls
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/sbin/alias’: Permission denied

Then I found to resolve this as (from NVM solution)

$ export NVM_DIR=~/.nvm
$ echo $NVM_DIR

Then It works fine.

Now the problem, I face is that if I restart or even open a new console, I can't find the node again.

roy@Croy:~$ node -version
The program 'node' can be found in the following packages:

 * node

 * nodejs-legacy

Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>

I have to follow those steps,

I do nvm install 0.11.13 then it shows

v0.11.13 is already installed.
Now using node v0.11.13

How to come out from here ?

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That version of node is not activated automatically. Try adding following in your ~/.bashrc

nvm use 0.11.13
source ~/.nvm/nvm.sh
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Not working :-| –  Altius Jul 20 '14 at 2:01

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