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In python you can issue something like

if <condition>:

This can come in handy as a placeholder for future code placement. What's the equivalent of "pass" in matlab when it comes to these kind of uses?

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That's a null operation. I think leaving it empty or just adding a comment line is enough. – Yuan Jul 20 '14 at 2:11
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According to this:

You can just use a semicolon. You could also immediately go to end as Christian suggested.

The pass command is necessary in Python, because 1) indentation determines the scope for if/for/while or for functions, and 2) there is no way of indicating that a block has ended except to un-indent. The combination of these two makes a no-op command pretty much necessary for the parser to work correctly. In Matlab, you have end, so you don't have the same issue.

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There is not equivalent for that, but since you have to declare the "end" of a function or a condition in MATLAB, you can leave it empty.

For example:

if (condition)

or just leave a comment:

if (condition)
    % future code here
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