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In python I am trying to get the 'unc' path or server path of a mounted share. So I have a mounted share of:


How do I resolve to this with Python:



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OS X doesn't use UNC paths, so the question doesn't really make sense. Are you looking for a URL (e.g. afp://, or maybe an alias (which isn't text, but a potentially-complex data structure)? What are you actually trying to accomplish (see the XY problem)? –  Gordon Davisson Jul 20 at 8:21
I know that OSX doesnt use UNC paths, but I need to know the IP address of the network share to use somewhere else, I need to know the server it's on the url would work fine. Is there any way to do this please? –  speedyrazor Jul 20 at 8:25
Can you parse the output of the mount command? Or df? –  Mark Setchell Jul 20 at 9:55

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After looking into df, I came up with this which works excellent on OSX:

from subprocess import Popen, PIPE

df = Popen('df -P /Volumes/link/to/some/folder', shell=True, stdout=PIPE)
serverAddress = df.stdout.readlines()[1:][0]
serverAddress = serverAddress.split('@')[1]
serverAddress = serverAddress.split('/')[0]
print serverAddress
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