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I have data as below in which data is splitted as below where month 1 represent JAN ,Month 2 represent FEB and so on.

1        93
2        56
3       186
4        60

Now I need to calculate sum of value based on number of days.

Ex- If date is between Jan 1st to March 31st then SUM is 335(93+56+186)

If date is between Jan 17th to March 31st then sum is 287(45+56+186) .

Here 45 for month of january is dervied from average per day for month of JAN (93/31==3) .Multiplied by number of days in January for the required period.

Ignore leap year and FEB month can be taken 28 days always.

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As one of the approaches, you can turn a month into a list of days(dates) that constitute it (ease filtering operation), and perform calculation as follows:

/* sample of data that you've provided */
with t1(mnth,val) as(
  select 1, 93  from dual union all
  select 2, 56  from dual union all
  select 3, 186 from dual union all
  select 4, 60  from dual
    Generates current year dates 
    From January 1st 2014 to December 31st 2014  
dates(dt) as(
  select trunc(sysdate, 'YEAR') - 1 + level
    from dual
  connect by extract(year from (trunc(sysdate, 'YEAR') - 1 + level)) <= 
             extract(year from sysdate)
   The query that performs calculations based on range of dates 
select sum(val / extract(day from last_day(dt))) as result
  from dates d
  join t1
    on (extract(month from d.dt) = t1.mnth)
 where dt between date '2014-01-17' and        -- January 17th 2014 to    
                  date '2014-03-31'            -- March 31st 2014


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