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It has been a week since I am trying to install ODI ( oracle data integrator ) , but I failed each time !!! I've seen all forums, I've tried everything even the setup.exe jreLoc but it doesn't work !!! Please help me I am losing my mind over this !!! I used this command line " setup.exe -jreLoc C:\Program Files\Java after being redirected to the folder where there the disk1 , ( the install of odi ) but it fails with this message " please install java runtime " though it is already installed what can I do ? I used 64 bit jre /jdk and I am installing ODI 64 bit ( oracle data integrator )

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First, please use less exclamation marks. Second, could you please post exact command line you are using, exact java home path and exact error message? –  AlexR Jul 20 at 9:19
What is your JAVA_HOME environment variable set to? –  David Wallace Jul 20 at 9:28
Hi David , it is set to : C:\Program Files\Java !! –  Ahlem Super Woman Jul 20 at 9:38
David and everyone, it is solved thank you! I hope I will not find another problem I used my computer and I did the same thing jreLoc etc. and it works, when I used the laptop of work, I did not have privileges administrator, because it is defined like that from the company sopra ! I will write an article in my blog about the configuration and the install of ODI because there are a lot of bugs (y) :) ! –  Ahlem Super Woman Jul 20 at 9:45
I am new in Stackoverflow , so someone can set this as resolved issue please ! :) –  Ahlem Super Woman Jul 20 at 9:46

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