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I want to call my store procedure table dbo.batchload in sql server using cakephp, this is my call function in upload controller. I'm not sure why it will not execute, or am i missing something? Thanks in advance.

    public function view_pro(){ 
    $result = $mysqli->query("CALL GetAllUserSessions(@un)");
    if(!$result) die("CALL failed:(" . $mysqli->errno . ") " . $mysqli->error);
    $this->Upload->query("CALL batchload();");
    $this->commit();  }

and the button function

echo $this->Form->button('Run', array('onsubmit' => 'return itsclicked;','action' => 'view_pro'));

my store procedure:

 ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[batchload] AS BEGIN DECLARE @LastBatchLoadID INT = (SELECT COALESCE(MAX(BatchLoadID), 1) FROM Table_Value); SET NOCOUNT ON; SET @LastBatchLoadID = @LastBatchLoadID + 1; UPDATE Table_Value SET BatchLoadID = @LastBatchLoadID WHERE BatchLoadID IS NULL; END
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How do you expect that code to work at all? There is no $mysqli variable, so this will result in a fatal error. By default there are no begin() and commit() methods on a controller (they belong to the model), that's another fatal error. And what do you expect the action and onsubmit attributes on the button element to do? By default the won't do anything. ps, please always mention your exact CakePHP version and tag your question accordingly! –  ndm Jul 20 '14 at 12:30

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