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I have an array with 20 values, but value 16 is incorrent and must be replaced with the correct value. How can I do that?

texture[16] = 'sky13.jpg'

That code does not work for some reason. The error is "'tuple' object does not support item assignment"

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Please recheck what exactly you're using. As the error suggests, you might be using a tuple instead of a list. – AnotherCodingEnthusiast Jul 20 '14 at 9:23
@Defi "The code does not work" deserves error trace sharing with us. – Jan Vlcinsky Jul 20 '14 at 10:06
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You're working with a tuple instead of a list. Convert it to a list first

texture = list(texture)
texture[16] = 'sky13.jpg
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check what texture is


if it is tuple then convert it to list

textute = list(texture)

in python simple way to talk tuple object is immutable list object

more about differences is here What's the difference between list and tuples?

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Tuples in Python are **inmutable**, which means that you can't change the value once you assign it!

You need to convert the tuple to a list:

listOfTextures = list(texture)

And then you will be able to change the values you want to.

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