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My program freezes when trying to connect to an offline server , it doesn't do that if it's online, i know it's trying to connect several times.

is there a way to do that without blocking the main code?

my connection function

bool WSockClient::ConnectServer(int PortNumber, char *IP)
SetClientSockAddr(&sockAddr, PortNumber, IP);       // Settings

    return false;

if(connect(hSocket, (sockaddr*)(&sockAddr), sizeof(sockAddr)) != 0)     // Connect to                                     the server
    return false;

//cout << "Attempting to connect to " << inet_ntoa(sockAddr.sin_addr) << endl;

return true;
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show what code is blocking.......................... –  paulm Jul 20 at 10:53
added the code . –  user3810737 Jul 20 at 11:06
Yes, connect() waits for a response from the server. If it never comes, connect() doesn't return until it times out. What would you expect? A shorter timeout? How much? A second? A millisecond? –  n.m. Jul 20 at 11:42
Windows has a registry entry to change the connect timeout, but it affects all processes on the machine. –  brian beuning Jul 20 at 12:03

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By default, a socket will be 'blocking', meaning that certain calls (like connect) will block the execution of your program until the operation has been completed. On MS-Windows, you can change the socket to 'non-blocking' using a call to ioctlsocket.

For a non-blocking socket, the connect call will return immediately and you'll have to use select to find out if the connection was successful. You can find some additional info here

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