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typeahead.js uses val "method" to return the value of the input field:



Unfortunately DefinitelyTyped d.ts for typeahead.sj does not contain the existence of this "method".

But when I try to add the new signature

typeahead(methodName : 'val'): string;

I get this error

TS2154: Specialized overload signature is not assignable to any non-specialized signature.

Now if I get it right that is because other methods with different signatures already exist, e.g. this

typeahead(methodName: 'destroy'): JQuery;

Everything works fine if I create a signature that return the JQuery object

typeahead(methodName : 'val'): JQuery;

except the "method" now returns JQuery instead of String and when I try to cast it to String like this


I get this error

TS2012: Cannot convert 'JQuery' to 'string': Type 'String' is missing property 'ajaxComplete' from type 'JQuery'.

How do I implement the val "method" correctly?

PS: I keep using apostrophes for the word "method" because I find it ridiculous that in 2014 JQuery plugins use strings as method names.

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There are a few rules to follow when using specialized overload signatures:

• There must be at least one non-specialized signature.

• Each specialized signature must return a sub-type of a non-specialized signature.

• The implementation signature must be compatible with all signatures.

(Source: Ch1, Pro TypeScript)

So in your case, you don't need to change the specialized overload that you are trying to add; but you do need to add a non-specialized signature for it to be compatible with (i.e. one that returns a string, rather than jQuery):

interface JQuery {
    // Non-specialized (but matching) signature
    typeahead(methodName: string): string;

    // Specialized signature
    typeahead(methodName : 'val') : string;
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btw that's interesting book –  daniel.sedlacek Jul 21 at 21:59
Thanks :) - almost finished too! –  Steve Fenton Jul 22 at 7:02
oh! I didn't notice, you are the author :). That's great, I am in total need for experienced/pro level typescript resource. Will I get the full version when I buy the alpha? The FAQ surprisingly does not answer this question apress.com/customer-support/#alpha-book-info –  daniel.sedlacek Jul 23 at 11:20
Yes - you get early access and then the full final one when it is done. –  Steve Fenton Jul 23 at 14:00

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