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I have an area graph and I'm looking to have the data points to be shown. I have a CircleItemRenderer, but this shows all of the datapoints in the default stroke and fill.

1) How do I customize the display of my CircleItemRenderer? (instead of it having an orange fill, how can I change the color?

2) How can I decide to show the node for specific data points but not for others? For example, in my .XML file that imports the data for the graph, I may have a variable show_data_point which is true or false.

Here's the current code I have:

                displayName="area graph"
                areaStroke = "{darkblue}"



Thanks a lot for your help!

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  1. You can implement your own item renderer that should implement IDataRenderer interface and be an ascendant of ProgrammaticSkin.
  2. According to documentation there is a fill style for the series which is applied to the fill of circle point.
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