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I need to remove quotes and commas from my list.

import java.util.ArrayList as ArrayList
listArray = ArrayList()
array1 = ['string01', 'string02']
array2 = ['string03,string04', 'string04,string05']
array3 = ['string07', 'string08']

i = 0
while i <= len(array1)-1:
    listArray.add([array1[i], array2[i], array3[i]])
    i += 1
print listArray
[['string01', 'string03,string04', 'string07'], ['string02', 'string04,string05', 'string08']]

I want to assign this list to a variable and print like this:

[[string01 string03,string04 string07] [string02 string04,string05 string08]]
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