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I am trying to write a GET handler in Yesod that returns the application version.

Here is the Haskell code for the handler:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

module Handler.Version where

import qualified Data.Text           as T
import           Data.Version        (showVersion)
import           Import
import           Paths_MyApp         (version)

getVersionR :: Handler Value
getVersionR = return $ object
    [ "version" .= T.pack (showVersion version) ]

I added an import in Application.hs:

import Handler.Version

and a line in routes:

/version VersionR GET

but I am getting the following error when running cabal install:

   undefined reference to `MyAppszm0zi1zi0_PathszuMyApp_version1_closure'

I suspect something is missing in my .cabal file, but I'm not sure what. I added Handler.Version to the exposed-modules section, but am wondering if I need to somehow mention the Paths_* file.

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I added


to the exposed_modules section of the .cabal file. It now compiles correctly.

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Btw, you can use yesod add-handler and Yesod will handle adding the route, handler file, and adding the module to your .cabal file. –  MaxGabriel Jul 20 at 19:47

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