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When I add an arrow to a polyline, it's cut off when the arrow lays on the edge of a map tile. This can be reproduced with the sample code from the docs (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/overlay-symbol-arrow), just make it draggable and move it a little.

Here's how it looks when not on edge:


Here's how it looks on edge:


The problem exists in both release (3.16) and experimental (3.17) versions. I've reported it on google's bugtracker, but it will probably take years before they fix it. So, does anyone know a workaround?

Edit: Oh, I should probably add that it doesn't happen with small strokeWeight, it has to be a bit larger like on the image.

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Bug happens when using a predefined symbol path.

// Define a symbol using a predefined path (an arrow)
// supplied by the Google Maps JavaScript API.
var lineSymbol = {
    path: google.maps.SymbolPath.FORWARD_CLOSED_ARROW

JSFiddle demo


Create your own symbol path and problem will not appear anymore.

// Define your custom symbol path
var lineSymbol = {
    path: 'M -2,0 0,-2 2,0 z',
    strokeColor: '#F00',
    fillColor: '#F00',
    fillOpacity: 1

JSFiddle demo

Quite an easy fix but it's still a bug so I think it's a good thing that you created a bug report.

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Thanks, it solves the problem for medium strokeWeight, but when I tried setting it to 20 the problem still exists. –  Sebastian Nowak Jul 21 at 10:19
Right. I didn't test that out. You might want to mention that in the bug report as well. Problem occurs with a strokeWeight bigger than 8. –  MrUpsidown Jul 21 at 10:30

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