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I want to put a title field in a bibtex citation that includes angle brackets:

  title= { <foo> }

but when it compiles I get upside down '!' and '?' instead. How to escape the angle bracket?

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The main TeX font doesn't provide angle brackets—you have to use math symbols. Try

title = { $\langle$Foo$\rangle$ }

and be prepared for potential difficulties with alphabetization.

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You're assuming he wants that kind of angle brackets. $<$Foo$>$, or {\tt <}Foo{\tt >} are other possibilities that might be more what OP is looking for. – Steve Mar 21 '10 at 6:36

I had a great deal of trouble with angle brackets in my doi fields until I switched to using the biblatex package. With the natbib=true option set, this was nearly a drop-in replacement for natbib. The angle brackets problem solved itself without further work on my part and my doi's became clickable. I don't know if it would work for your title brackets, but I'd suggest it as worth looking into.

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