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I seem to have a small problem, in the code below $a_trip is always true, even if $trip!= $admin_trip. Any idea why?

if($trip == $admin_trip)
$a_trip = true;

if($a_trip == true)
$trip = ("~::##Admin##::~");
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In PHP, strings and numbers other than zero will evaluate as true. Make sure that $a_trip is false or empty, or use the equality operator that evaluates type:

if($a_trip === true)
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it is === for boolean. –  apis17 Mar 21 '10 at 2:07

PHP's normal equality is very lax, and considers many values to be the same even when types are different.

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Beat me to it. === means 'identical'.

Check this out.


Also a sidenote, you should use { } in your if statements. You'll thank yourself later when debugging. It's easier to read.

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