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I have a relatively simple three-level app:


AppFramework depends on CommonFramework and has a Copy Files phase to copy it in. BrandedApp depends on AppFramework and has a Copy Files phase to copy it in.

Everything works fine when built from the GUI. I end up with an .app with Frameworks/AppFramework.framework and then inside AppFramework.framework/Versions/A, I have Frameworks/CommonFramework.framework. The app runs.

When I run on the automated build system, I can't even compile. AppFramework can't locate the headers for CommonFramework and the build fails.

Things I have checked already:

  • Target Dependencies for each project does refer to the target for the next project in (assuming xcodebuild even adheres to the dependencies the same way as the GUI.)
  • Location for all products is "Relative to Build Products" (some other question had an answer suggesting to check that. For me, the field is not editable, but all of them are set to that anyway.)
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