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I'm using getUserMedia to get access to screen sharing. When user clicks a stop button, I want to stop screen sharing.

According to MediaStream API, the stop() function should be called to stop sharing. But when I do so, I find the Chrome bar https://xxx is sharing your screen <button>Stop sharing</button> is still there, although the stream has stopped.

Is there a function that can make Chrome bar disappear?

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Command-line flag based screen sharing can be stopped using same MediaStream.stop or MediaStreamTracks.stop method however if you're using desktopCapture API ( demo ) then there is cancelChooseDesktopMedia which can be used like this:

function releaseCapturing() {
    // getting desktop-media-id from local-storage

function captureDesktop() {
    var desktop_id = chrome.desktopCapture.chooseDesktopMedia(
        ["screen", "window"], onAccessApproved);

    // storing desktop-media-id in the local-storage
    localStorage.setItem('desktop-media-request-id', desktop_id);
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I'm using MediaStream.stop(), but as I said, the Chrome bar https://xxx is sharing your screen <button>Stop sharing</button> is still there after MediaStream.stop() is called. I want to remove the Chrome bar. Is this possible? –  Ovilia Jul 21 '14 at 14:24

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