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I have route that does a POST route towards store() in the controller.

I'm trying to test if the action is working properly.


public function store() {
    $d= Input::json()->all();

    //May need to check here if authorized

    $foo= new Foo;
    $d = array();
    $d['name'] = $d['name'];
    $d['address'] = $d['address'];
    $d['nickname'] = $d['nickname'];

        $new_foo= $foo->create($d);

        return Response::json(Foo::where('id','=',$new_foo->id)->first(),200);
        return Response::json($foo->errors(),400);

Now I'm trying to test this using a new class called FooTest.php

Here is the function i'm currently trying to do to make the check work:

 public function testFooCreation()

    $jsonString = '{"address": "82828282", "email": "", "name":"Tester"}';

    $json = json_decode($jsonString);

    $this->client->request('POST', 'foo');

    $this->assertEquals($json, $this->client->getResponse());


when I run phpunit in my cmd, I get an error stating that "name" is undefined. I know i'm not actually passing anything to the request so I'm positive that nothing is actually being checked, but my question is how do I actually pass my json strings to check?

Everytime I put the $json inside the client request, it asks for an array, but when I convert my json string to an array, json_decode wants a string.


I was messing around with the passing of input data and I came across this:

 $input = [
        'name' => 'TESTNAME',
        'address' => '299 TESTville',
        'nickname' => 't'


        ->with(array('name' => Input::get('name'),
                     'address' => Input::get('address'),
                     'nickname' => Input::get('nickname')))

     $response = $this->call('POST', 'foo', $input);
     $content = $response->getContent();
     $data = json_decode($response->getContent());

But whenever I run the test, i still get "name:undefined" It's still not passing the input i've created.

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$d= Input::json()->all();

The above statement gets Input in $d.

$d = array();

Now the last statement again initialises $d as an empty new array.

So there is no: $['name'] . Hence, Undefined.

I think, that's the problem with the above code.

Hope it helps :)

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Correct. I know that haha. My question isn't actually why is my 'name' undefined. My question is how to actually test it using phpunit. I want to pass in data using my test function for the store() and check if it actually works. – sfas Jul 21 '14 at 8:04
Check my update. Maybe my question will be more clear. – sfas Jul 21 '14 at 9:37
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I was able to pass the input into a POST route from the test.

 public function testFooCreation(){

      $json = '{"name":"Bar", "address":"FooLand", "nickname":"foobar"}';

      $post = $this->action('POST', 'FooController@store', null, array(), array(), array(), $json);

      if($this->assertTrue($this->client->getResponse()->isOk()) == true && $this->assertResponseStatus(201)){

      echo "Test passed";


Turns out that in order for me to actually pass input into the controller through test POST, I have to pass it through the 7th parameter.

I hope this helps others.

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of course you get an error , just look at your code

$aInputs = Input::json()->all();

    //May need to check here if authorized

    $foo= new Foo;
    $d = array();
    $d['name'] = $d['name'];
    $d['address'] = $d['address'];
    $d['nickname'] = $d['nickname'];

your assigning the array to it self, which is empty

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why did you open another question, the problem is the same as in… – Klemen Jul 21 '14 at 6:11
Yes I clarified that in my answer that of course I'm getting an error. My question is how do I actually do a test that puts in example inputs to check whether or not the store() is doing what it's supposed to do. – sfas Jul 21 '14 at 6:12
I opened another question because this one was a bit more specific in terms of the process I'm looking for. The other question seemed to be a bit sloppy. – sfas Jul 21 '14 at 6:13

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