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I have a project that ports the Linux kernel into ARM board. In the project, i would like to increase RAM size of system from 512MiB(default size) to ~2GiB.

I googled and determined to enable CONFIG_HIGHMEM option.

enter image description here

There are two reserve regions you can see in Physical Address Space. The System RAM (default) region is low memory.

After rebuilding the Linux kernel with CONFIG_HIGHMEM, I try with each of reserve region by changing the kernel command line that uBoot passes to the kernel.

  • Reserve_1: start address: 0x30000000, size 512M

kernel command line: "mem=512M@0x30000000 mem=512M ..."

In this case, the kernel is stuck on bootmem_init() function when booting.

  • Reserver_2: start address: 0xD0000000, size 512M

kernel command line: "mem=512M mem=512M@0xD0000000 ...."

In this case, the kernel boots successfully and the Ram size is 1G (through "free" command).

And my question is why the kernel can not add RAM with reserve_1 region?

In my humble opinion, the kernel does not accept the high memory region that has physical address is less than physical address of low memory.

Do you think about this?

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