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I am working on a site that must be designed with mobile accessibility in mind. As part of our brainstorming, we wondered whether it's possible to detect, for a mobile browser (i.e. Mobile Safari or the Android browser), when the viewing device has changed orientation, and to use that as a trigger to change page content? As the title of this question implies, our best-case scenario is the ability to detect the orientation change and use it to alter the CSS on the fly so as to present a slightly different page for landscape versus portrait.

Of course we can just design for a page that looks good one way and make it obvious that it's supposed to be viewed that way, but the cool-stuff factor of a page that looks good either way is pretty appealing.

Is this idea implementable? Practical?

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Yes, this is answered in a more general question.

To summarize, you would listen with Javascript to the orientationchange event, and switch the styling in the event handler, depending on the value of window.orientation.

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Well, drat. I missed that question during my initial SO search for answers to this question. Starred now. Thanks! – Brighid McDonnell Mar 21 '10 at 5:52

You can also use media queries to do this without any JS at all - see

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Make a fluid style that would adjust in any case..

You would have to give a more detailed description of issues you want to solve so we can suggest more detailed answers..

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