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I have text with file names scattered throughout. The filenames appear in the text like this:


I want to match the filenames that don't start with usr. I came up with (?<=\|).*\.txt(?=\|) to match the filenames, but it doesn't exclude the ones starting with usr. Is this possible with regular expressions?

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You were nearly there :)

Now you have a positive lookbehind, and a positive and negative lookahead.

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I struggled for a while using just one look-behind with this.. the trick was to use a combo. Well done sir. –  Gishu Mar 21 '10 at 9:03

With python

>>> import re
>>> x="""|test.txt|
... |usr01.txt|
... |usr02.txt|
... |foo.txt|
... """
>>> re.findall("^\|(?!usr)(.*?\.txt)\|$",x,re.MULTILINE)
['test.txt', 'foo.txt']
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grep -v "^|usr" file

awk '!/^\|usr/' file

sed -n '/^|usr/!p' file
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