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Say, I have a server that handles file based mass data and can process thousands of read requests and hundreds of provisioning requests(Add, modify, delete) per second. This is not SQL based database. Now i planned to implement replication. There should be master- master replication, master slave replication, partial replication(entries matching a criteria) and fractional replication(part of an entry).

Is there any standard for implementing such replication mechanisms? Can you please suggest some solution overview?

Thanks, Naga

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If you are looking for a direction towards choosing a database out of the NoSQL storage, you could have a look for CouchDB, the definitive Guide: Chapter 16 CouchDB features Master-Master replication as well as filtered replication. Even if you are not interested in using CouchDB, reading this can help understanding.

Of course there would be other NoSQL databases (and relational) that have options like this as well.

If you are looking for replication basics, these could help:

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