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We have an user that's been "a bit naughty" on the internet recently. I've been logging their activities using Browsing History View by http://www.nirsoft.net/ but I think they've got wise and started clearing their internet history.

Is there a tool that will allow me to silently log activity in real time or that can produce regular logs? Ideally I don't want to install anything on the machine but I can if need be.

I've had a look around but cant find a suitable tool.

Does anyone know of a decent tool to achieve this?

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This has nothing to do with programming and is off-topic. –  Clément Malet Jul 21 at 9:08

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My answer assumes both your and his computers are ON all the time and both have internet all the time.

Install Squid proxy on your PC. Then in his browser set his proxy ip to your ip.

So now, his http requests are routed through your computer.

There are various squid log visualizers out there which will provide you the report you want.

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