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I am not preferring using PEAR method, so I decided to use another way, However, I still cannot make a perfect .bat file to run in two situations.

I downloaded the phpunit.phar and the path I had added into PATH => C:\dev e.g C:\dev\phpunit.phar

I also create a phpunit.bat file inside C:\dev\phpunit.bat, this allow me to run phpunit in any place.

This is the content of the phpunit.bat

@echo off
php c:\dev\phpunit.phar

I have run perfectly result when I am using the guard-phpunit. However, the problem is when I want to pass an argument / parameter to the phpunit it does not work.

E.g I got a testing file in C:\testing\CalculatorTest.php When I run

C:\testing>phpunit C:\testing\CalculatorTest.php


C:\testing>phpunit CalculatorTest.php

It only output like php phpunit.phar, it does not take the argument.

It only work when I enter the command like this

C:\testing>php c:\dev\phpunit.phar CalculatorTest.php

I try to edit the phpunit.bat file to make it like below:

@echo off
set arg1=%1

if "%1"=="" (goto :main)
REM without any argument
php C:\dev\phpunit.phar
goto :end

php C:\dev\phpunit.phar %arg1%

The above code will work in C:\testing>php c:\dev\phpunit.phar CalculatorTest.php, but when run in guard-phpunit it will keep prompting option --include-path requires an argument error.

Anyone know how to fix the .bat so it able to run in both situation? Thank you so much!

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I have created phpunit.bat file in same directory of the phpunit are instaled, for example B:\libs, containing:

php "%~dp0phpunit.phar" %*

and in the windows PATH variable I added ;B:\libs:

  1. Hold Win and press Pause.
  2. Click Advanced System Settings.
  3. Click Environment Variables.
  4. Append ;B:\libs to the Path variable.
  5. Restart Command Prompt.

After restart the terminal PHPunit works:

PS C:\Users\joridos> phpunit.bat --version
PHPUnit 4.1.3 by Sebastian Bergmann.
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Use for phpunit.bat:

@echo off
php c:\dev\phpunit.phar %*

%* is replaced on execution by whatever was passed to phpunit.bat which means nothing if nothing was passed to phpunit.bat, or first + second + third + ... arguments exactly as specified on calling phpunit.bat.

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