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I have a data in ptr_vector which is char pointer,how to convert it back when looping through items?

boost::ptr_vector<char> charlist;
    boost::ptr_vector<char>::iterator itr;

char* result = new char[512];

for ( itr = charlist.begin(); itr != charlist.end(); ++itr )
         strcpy(result,itr);  //doesn't work,

the reason I use char* type is that I use boost in an old project.

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Do you seriously have boost::ptr_vector<char>? If so, then you may have other problems... –  unordered_meow Jul 21 '14 at 15:16

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Iterators behave as pointers, so to get what they "point" you need to dereference them:

strcpy(result, *itr);
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