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I guess this is a common problem but I am unable to decide how to solve this.

I have a public function that has 4 catch blocks. Inside each catch block one of the private methods is called as below

public function updateInformation(){

  }catch(Zend_Http_Client_Exception $e){
  }catch(Zend_Service_Exception $e){
  }catch(UnexpectedValueException $e){
  }catch(Exception $e){


I am writing test case to test the updateInformation() function. I would like to test the exception blocks too which would let me test the private methods(too). How do I achieve this? Because of this the code coverage is also gone for a toss.

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I have provided an answer that outlines the basics of what you need to do. But more information about the class you are testing would help to provide a more detailed answer. –  Schleis Jul 21 '14 at 19:37

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You have one of your dependencies throw the Exception so that your code will catch it.


public function testThrowExceptionStub()
        // Create a stub for the SomeClass class.
        $stub = $this->getMock('SomeClass');

        // Configure the stub.
             ->will($this->throwException(new Exception));

        $sut = new Class($stub);




I am assuming that there is something in the try block that will need to be mocked. If there isn't then you set the class up so that the conditions are met such that the exceptions will be thrown.

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