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In my application I want to show a real time overview of all active calls on a asterisk server.

That's why I want to get all events (channel created/destroyed etc.) from Asterisk 12 server using the Asterisk 12 REST API (ARI).

When I connect to the websocket I only get events that are somehow targeted to my application that I specified in the initial call to "/ari/events" (in this case "hello").

$ wscat.py 'ws://localhost:8088/ari/events?app=hello&api_key=...'

How can I get all events (e.g. also information about new incoming calls)?

Or is there another possibility to get the desired information?

I am using AsterNET.ARI .NET Stasis Framework and the following code:

// Create a message client to receive events on
Client = new ARIClient(
    new StasisEndpoint(Host, Port, Username, Password),
Client.OnChannelStateChangeEvent += Client_OnChannelStateChangeEvent;

The method Client_OnChannelStateChangeEvent is only called for calls that I have originated by my application using Client.Channels.Originate(...).

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I have not looked into your specific requirements to confirm this but from memory I believe one of the specific objectives of the REST interface was to limit the capabilities (in terms if what can be posted/returned) on a per user basis. As such, I believe you need to specifically enable/assign capabilities. Depending on your setup over there Asterisk 12 now allows a user account to be created independently from an extension for example. In turn this opened up the ability for you to assign a user to more than one extension which in turn should now allow ARI to access both extensions. –  NetConstructor.com Dec 21 at 18:40

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You can use AMI(manager interface)



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Why you writing this text to my answer? i not understand what you need at all. –  arheops Nov 29 at 20:46
sorry, posted it to the wrong comment box –  NetConstructor.com Dec 21 at 18:41

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